Welcome To Pixoceros

PixoCeros provides superior technology services and aims in delivering the products with every innovative approach as possible. We have the competitive advantage in being a start-up company where our clients are most valued and our services are personalized for each client. Also we have all the agility and passion to make our products and our services to outstand on its own for its quality and integrity.

About Us
We have a lot of experience building the impossible, squeezing unheard-of functionality out of all of the most popular web browsers. Design & usability, combined with cutting-edge technical solutions are the drivers that lead to sites that users don't just use, but love.
What we do
With expertise in handling different client domains and keen understanding of desigin techniques, We make sure that our solutions deliver results for our clients each time, every time.

Our Services
We offer wide range of services from Software product development, custom software development, webdesigning and all kinds of manual work automation that every office needs. Our technology experts makes things easy with initutive UI designs in our softwares making the best user experience.